Sunday, June 28, 2009

Give VAN some BUZZ

Ok everybody, I want to ask everyone to create a little BUZZ for VAN.  Starting Sunday I want everyone to do something to get the word about what we are doing with VAN.  There are still thousands of people who have never heard of Virtual ALT.NET.

I feel the best way get to the word out is by word of mouth.  The following list is just some examples of what you could do.  You might choose to do all of them, or just one.  Maybe you have other ways. Be sure to include Virtual ALT.NET in your message.  Also create a Google Alert and let’s see what happens this week.

  1. Write a blog about what is Virtual ALT.NET
  2. Write a blog about Virtual ALT.NET becoming an INETA usergroup.
  3. Write a blog about an upcoming event.
  4. Write a blog about a past event you attended.
  5. Send a tweet to your friends inventing them to attend the next meeting.
  6. Tweet about the next meeting.
  7. Tweet about us being a new INETA group.
  8. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet anything about Virtual ALT.NET.
  9. Start a discussion on you favorite email group about Virtual ALT.NET.
  10. . Start a discussion on you favorite Facebook group about Virtual ALT.NET.
  11. . Start a discussion on you favorite Linkedin group about Virtual ALT.NET
  12.   Send out an email to your local user group.
  13.   Tell someone at work about Virtual ATL.NET


What other ways can we use to get the word out about Virtual ALT.NET?

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