Saturday, June 27, 2009

Virtual ALT.NET is an official INETA user group

On May 21th INETA approved Virtual ALT.NET as an official INETA user group.  INETA provides structured, peer-based organizational, educational, and promotional support to the growing worldwide community of Microsoft® .NET user groups.   At first I was thinking that I would not register VAN as a group with INETA.  But after talking with a few people I respect in the community I was encouraged to register VAN with INETA.  With this recognition we will be able benefit from a few of the following items.

  • We will be able to request INETA speakers to speak to our different VAN groups.  Since the current speaker bureau for North America does have a lot ALT.NET speakers currently,  I'm hoping we can bridge the gap between North America INETA and the other INETA groups to bring in different speakers cross the global.


  • Currently I'm using the LiveMeeting account that was provide to our local user group.  By having our own I will be able to let others have access to our own livemeeting account.  One of the task that I have been doing is posting the recordings,  by having our own I could delegete this task to others in VAN leadership.


  • The website that we have created is currently hosted on my personal account at godaddy.  One of the benefits of being an INETA user group is being able to take advange of some the free web hosting offer to user groups.  Now that we are an official INETA user group I plan on moving the site to one of hosting providers that offer free hosting to use groups.  With this I would be able to also delegete the website constructions to others.


  • The overhead for maintain our VAN groups is almost at zero cost.  But we have had a few expenses, one is the domain name that I purchased.  This was only $10.00 but I would like to be refunded at some point and also be able to pay for the domain in the future.  With INETA recognition we can request funds to pay for this and other needs we might have.  I have also thought about have a graphic designer create a really cool logo.

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