Thursday, July 16, 2009

VAN: Jeremy Miller discusses Presentation Patterns for Virtual ALT.NET in August 2009


Still being fleshed out. Jeremy would like your votes on the content. Here is the list of topics as a start. Check out his and add your vote and comments.

  1. Separated Presentation patterns. You know, what are your options, why are they different, and when would you choose one or another for a particular scenario. Model View Presenter variants and Presentation Model (MVVM).
  2. "Screen Activation Lifecycle" -- Design patterns and the system responsibilities for systems composed of multiple screens
  3. DSL development within a desktop application.
  4. Test Automation strategies. How testability impacts design
  5. Event Aggregation
  6. Managing the application shell
  7. Using an IoC tool within a desktop application for extensibility

Who is Jeremy Miller?

Jeremy is the Chief Software Architect at Dovetail Software, the coolest shop in all of Austin. Jeremy is also the author of the open source tool for Dependency Injection with .Net and the forthcoming tool for supercharged acceptance testing in .Net. Jeremy is also the author of the Patterns in Practice column in MSDN Magazine. Jeremy's thoughts on just about everything software related can be found on his weblog part of the popular CodeBetter site. Jeremy is a Microsoft MVP for C#, and very active within the ALT.NET community.

Meeting Detail

The month of August. Exact dates and times will be confirmed in a few days.

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