Monday, November 2, 2009

Billy McCafferty talking about S#arp Architecture on Nov 4

Billy McCafferty will join us once again on the heels of releasing
Service Pack 1 for S#arp Architecture version 1. He will spend some time reviewing feature improvements, changes and add more context tot he framework where time was not permitted in the first meeting. If you have any specific questions you would like addressed during the evening please let the thread begin...

Time and location of the meetings Times below are Central Daylight Time
Start Time: Nov 4, Each week 8:00 PM UTC/GMT -5 hours
End Time: Nov 4, Each week 10:00 PM UTC/GMT -5 hours Attendee URL:


  1. Only one question spring to mind: Has S#arp Architecture begun adapting to MVC 2.0, in particular with respect to Areas and Portable Areas?

  2. I'm feeling a bit silly, but I want to watch this recording and can;t seem to figure out how to make it play?

    Any help for the silly would be great.