Friday, May 8, 2009

Meeting Notes: Topic ideas for future meetings

The topics below are not ordered by importance but rather were noted
in order of discussion.

1. Rest topics and SOA architecture = Udi Dahan, Seb

2. Dynamic Languages - Harry Pierson. John Lam

3. Messaging - Mass Transit or Hibernating Rhinos ESB

4. DDD talks on specific use cases as a theme

5. Nhibernate best practices including Castle Active Record.

6. Horn from Alt.Net Scotland

7. Martin Fowler or Bob Martin or Eric Evans. Issac of the NY
Alt.Net group indicated he may have a contact to involve Eric Evans.
Zjelko would try to use his Thoughtworks contacts to snag Martin

8. Various patterns for good architecture.

Please add to these points for further refining ideas if you like.

Thanks John

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